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  • 1. What time does the ride start for the different routes?

    There are no formal start times for each route.  Registration/checkin is 7am - 9am.  You can show up on Sunday morning anytime between 7 and 9 and start your ride at any time after you checkin.

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  • 2. Do you have a list of hotels in the area?

    The following Chamber of Commerce sites have listings of hotels:

    Northampton Area:

    Amherst Area:

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  • 3. How many riders usually attend this event?

    The COVAC bike ride averages 250-300 riders each year.

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  • 4. How many typically ride the full 100-mile route?

    Generally 75-80% of the riders will ride the full century route.

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  • 5. What type of snacks are offered at the SAG stops?

    You will generally find:

    • Water
    • Gatorade
    • Bananas
    • Grapes
    • Belvita Biscuits
    • Chex-Mix snack mix
    • Pita Chips
    • Bagels or PB&J sandwiches
    • Trail Mix

    Specific items vary from year to year.

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  • 6. Are the routes marked?

    Yes, All the routes have road markings. There are two road markings before turns or intersections and one confirmation road marking after. Here is an example: covac_pavement_mark

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Connecticut Valley Century Bike Ride presented by the Amherst Rotary Club